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Payments above are estimates only
Payment may vary based on time in business and/or credit review
2 payments & a doc fee is required at lease signing
Equipment costs over $50,000, please call us for a quote


Mike Becker
Telephone: 888-241-8636 x12

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By Clicking on the 'Submit Application' button below, each undersigned individual, as a principal of and/or guarantor for the Applicant, authorizes Fernwood Capital, its designees, assignees and potential assignees, to review his or her personal credit profile and other information as provided by national credit bureas, banks and third parties, as Fernwood Capital in its sole discretionshall deem necessary. Such review shall be made for the purpose of considering this Applicant and for the purpose of any update, renewal or extension of credit to the Applicant or for the collection and review on any resulting accounts with Applicant. A fax or photcopy of this Authorization shall be valid as the original.

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